Thursday, January 26, 2012

Food Review

During this weight loss journey of mine Lean Cuisine is a big part of it.  That is what I usually have for lunch.  Its easy, usually filling, and a quick no brainer when I have to think of what to eat. 

This week I tried something new.  Lean Cuisine's Stuffed Cabbage with mashed potatoes. 

I don't know what made me pick it up other than to try something new.  Well, it was actually good.  The cabbage was light, tender and not at all "cabbagy" tasting.  The sauce was hard to pin down, kindof like a mixture between a marinara and a ketchup.  It was nice though,  a little sweet.  The entire thing was stuffed with a tender beef/pork/rice mixture.  It was really good.  It had a good texture and flavor, but not strong.  Also, the potatoes were good.  Anything that allows me to eat mashed potatoes is a win in my book.

Total points was 5, so that also makes it a win for lunch. 

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