Friday, April 15, 2011

The beginning.

I hate shopping.  I really do.  Not because I don't like shops, not because I don't like crowds, not because it's too expensive.  Truth be told.  I can't fit into anything.  I hate finding a shirt that I love and trying it on only to see it wont fit.  Wow!   and I picked up a large?  Deflating, defeating, disgusting.  That is what I feel when I shop.  But I am going to change all that. 

This will be a chronology of my losing weight.  You see, I've joined Weight Watchers.  I've finally done it.  Admitted I'm overweight.  I've known I'm overweight and have let myself go, I just thought if I didn't admit it, then no one else would see. 

I've tried on my own but, after getting to the dreaded 200 mark (yes, I did just admit what I weighed), well, I realized I just didn't know how or have the tools.  So, I joined with my mom. 

My mom has done weight watchers for as long as I can remember.  She has lost weight on it so I know it works. 

I've begun this blog for two reasons.  First, and foremost, so I'll have a place to talk about the stuff that I experience so I don't bug my family with constantly talking about food and "points".  Second, so I might, after a time, have a little accountability.  I don't want to ever be this big again.

I've been on weight watchers for one and a half weeks.  I had my first weigh-in last Tuesday and I lost 4.8 lbs.  I was really surprised.  I didn't feel hungry and just stopped eating all the stuff I used to eat.  Well, I pretty much ate the same stuff but I only ate about one half to one third of what I used to eat.

Wow!  I used to cram it in my gob!  and there were so many little things the creamer I used to liberally add to my coffee.  I've cut that back and haven't even noticed.  I went out to eat several times during that first week and just chose menu items more carefully.

I have to admit though, this second week is a little harder than the first.  I've found myself hungrier and having more cravings.  Of course it didn't help that this was the week I had my period.  That is never a good time to try to eat an apple instead of a donut.  But I stuck to it.  I did go over my "points" yesterday but I haven't tapped into my extra points nor my activity points since I started so I figured 2 points over wasn't too bad.

So, there you go.  That's the start.  I'm hoping to share more with you about my experiences and how things are going.  I hope that maybe you'll be inspired or I can answer your questions or you can get a little courage. 

It's not that bad and afterall, we girls always are looking for cuter clothes. 

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