Saturday, April 16, 2011

It has to be easy.

I am a very low maintenance kind of girl.  Not that I am low maintenance, but I want everything else to be low maintenance.  I've found (made up) a great breakfast recipie that keeps me satisfied most of the morning and has very low points, two to be exact.  It is for a smoothie but I've found I hate messing with my blender.

You see, at one time in my life I fancied myself a gourmet cook.  And while I lacked the skills to be one, by golly, I was going to have the tools!  So, you'll find my kitchen chock full of Breville, Kitchen-Aid and All-Clad cookware and appliances.  So, in that line of thinking I also have a blender that, if called upon to do so, could shred a two by four block.  It is big, bulky and of all dumb things to buy, a glass pitcher.  I find that dragging it out day after day, washing it day after day is not my idea of low maintenance.  So....

I bought a magic bullet.  This little machine really is easy for my breakfast smoothies.  It has self contained cups, quick on and off, easily washed/rinsed blades.  It has everything I need to help with my breakfasts (which I am finding is the hardest meal to manage).

I haven't put all of its' abilities to the test but for my breakfasts, it's awesome!

Here's the simple recipe I use. 
1/2 C Skim Milk
1/2 C Lowfat Plain Yogurt
and then any kind of fruit you want.  (fruit has no points you see).

Blend, add a straw and drink up.  If you add frozen fruit you can also have a lovely sorbet for an afternoon snack.

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