Monday, April 25, 2011

Exercise Plan - not as easy as it sounds

Before I joined Weight Watchers I had an exercise plan in place.  I have been walking regularly with a friend since September. We had initially decided that we would do a program called "Couch to 5K".  However, once we began walking neither of us really had the, um,  motivation to begin running.  It didn't sound like fun, just something that we felt we should do for our health, but also our weight.

In January we decided we would begin the program. The program has you start off running 30 seconds and then walking a minute... or something like that....and you progress, increasing your running time, until within 6 weeks you are able to run a 5 k. 

Well my friends, it has not been easy.  Maybe if you are a teenager or a 20 something you can progress as quickly as it says, but for my friend and I, not so much.  We have made progress, we are running up to three minutes at a time, five if we really wanted to push ourselves, but consistently three. 

We did participate in a 5k a few weeks ago.  I can't say we "ran a 5k" because there was more walking than running, however, we did finish.

Now, what I will say is that even though I haven't progressed as fast as I would like and I'm not a marathon runner by now, I DO feel so much stronger and healthier.  I remember the first time I bounded up my stairs and was surprised to find I wasn't winded.  I find myself much less tired in the middle of the day. 

One key that makes this work for me is having a friend hold me accountable.  I know she is expecting me to show up at her house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to participate in this dual torture we have agreed to.  I couldn't do it without her.

So, if you are a interested in a running program, I'd suggest the "Couch to 5k" and if you can get up to running a 5K, Congratulations!  If not, give yourself a little leniency and do what you can.  It does make you feel better.

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