Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well last night was the dreaded weigh in.  I lost another three pounds.  A total of 8 pounds.  Not bad for two weeks.

I've had a pretty easy time so far.  I'm learning to make better choices in my food quality and quantity.  For instance, tonight I want chick-fil-a. I've planned my day around my dinner.  I had one of my 2 point smoothies for breakfast, a 7 point lean quisine for lunch and fruit for a snack this afternoon.  So, I can get my diet lemonade, grilled sandwich and yes...a small waffle fries.  It will all fit in my points for the day.  AND since I ran this morning I can have a piece of chocolate for desert at bedtime if I want to.

If this sounds kindof obsessive, it is sometimes.  Honestly, though, it's really not  most of the time.  I just want chick fil a for dinner which surprisingly is REALLY high in points so I need to plan.

I plan on loosing at least 50 pounds so this is what I have to do.

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  1. wow! that's awesome! congratulations on the loss. :) i need to be better at sticking to a diet and exercise plan. i always start then forget. haha. keep up the great work :)